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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Huh. Didn't Know This.

What they don't teach you in seminary.

Guess they were too focused on the Reformation to tell you this or this.

Yeah, don't bother telling me how Wikipedia is such an informed resource. This Baptist is just a little surprised. No, it doesn't change my theology much (at all). Just perks up my ears a bit. The Reformers were presented to us as heroes against Catholicism.

If you tried to tell your church this stuff, they'd run you out on a rail.

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  1. Arthur,

    It's all about what kind of seminary are you attending. Each seminary and religion has it's on Bible interpretation. They teach you what they think is the best to reflect their own believes and theology.

    This is the reason I have more and more problems with religion and church as institution and seminaries and all that stuff. If you listen to every party you get confused ... I love to personally listen to God.

    We must have a personal one in one relationship with God not theology views ...we need God's View not seminary and theology views ...