"What can a ruined soul, like mine, effect towards the redemption of other souls?—or a polluted soul, towards their purification?"

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Judgment Within The Human Heart

I didn't plan on this blog post. It's spur of the moment. A small speed bump in the middle of my series on reconciling with a fallen pastor.

Here's a story on Roman Catholic priest Thomas Euteneuer who admitted to crossing the line of chastity with a female. He says he didn't engage in any sexual contact. He's left his parish and admitted fault.

I've been making the point in my last few posts about how churches, members, and individuals react to the sin of the clergy. Some let it ride off their backs, some react harshly and with extreme judgment, and some don't care.

Case in point? Read some of the comments below the story. Fascinating. We are at heart a people of judgment. However, some have learned to be compassionate. I regret that I used to be judgmental - still have some of it in me.

I've copied some of the variation of comments here:


Get rid of him, stop hiding him. Send him to the Vatican and let them deal with him. This is another stain and a continuation of hiding priests who screw up.

Since you're so absolutely perfect in all YOUR individual thoughts and actions, then I guess we'll just take your advice and do everything you demand As for me, yeah, I've screwed up and sinned in the past And I may even sin again, probably with violence and extreme prejudice, if I ever got my hands on ANYONE who abuses a child So let's hear what sentence you've determined that I should suffer, oh perfect one This guy screwed up, and publicly admitted it. Good for him.


Perfect - another example of FINE catholic upbringing. Who cares if it was an adult or not - it was just plain WRONG. Don't you people get it - WRONG !!!! He needs to be expelled from the EVERY church and not EVER be allowed to be in a position of authority again. PERIOD...

Forgive as we would like to be forgiven. He sinned in chastity only, w/o the sexual act and with an adult woman. Give the man a break. He is human as we all are. He feels remorse and will conduct himself better in the future. He probably just got emotionally close and wound up holding and kissing her. Really, have some compassion. Being a Priest and bearing everyone's burdens is an extremely heavy load to carry. He is obviously very caring and sincerely devout.


..and one more thing: He who hath never sinned, cast the first stone. You people make me sick - you would love nothing more than to see this man crucified by the church for a mistake he made, with no apparent "victim", for which he has apologized. You people are so hardcore and cruel you are no better than those Muslim hardliners stoning women to death. You are like dogs turning on the weak. "In Christianity, neither morality nor religion come into contact with reality at any point." -Nietzsche


I am of a different opinion. He might be a priest, but he is still human. The story above does not give too many details. He admits he made a mistake and he is taking responsibility for it. Humans make mistakes. It sounds as if he knows there will be consequences and he is ready to face them. I wish we had more people taking responsibility these days. The biggest person he has to take this up with is God. I feel for the victim and her family and hope they find peace. May God be with them


eh, you put your faith in God and not into ordained clergy, then this type of thing doesn't really phase you or shake your faith.


The Vat had on the books capital punishment until 60 years ago. For the pervert priests who have sex with boys/men, they should kill them. For priests who are otherwise in violation of celibacy, they should scourge them and then keep them in a cloistered monetary for the duration of their lives. In addition to this, any married person who does not keep their vow of marriage should be publicly scourged. Severely. Divorce should be punishable by public hanging.


  1. I believe it's why scriptures says: "..narrow the road that leads to life [and forgiveness], and only A FEW find it." (MT 7:14)

    There are interstate highways to hell weaving throughout our contemporary Christian culture.

    Only those who have experienced the scandalous grace can offer it freely to others.

  2. Thank you for your comment Nadia.

    You are correct. Grace is an awesome thing when fully comprehended and experienced.

    Thank God He is gracious in His love towards us after we fall so far.