"What can a ruined soul, like mine, effect towards the redemption of other souls?—or a polluted soul, towards their purification?"

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Fallenpastors.com: Help For Fallen Pastors, Part One

I've made a new friend and found a new hero. His name is Danny Williams.

Danny is a fallen pastor like me, but unlike me, he has taken his pain and fallenness to a completely different level. He has turned it into a ministry for fallen pastors.

At fallenpastors.com, there are many resources available. Behind it all is a humble, yet energetic pastor who loves His Savior and wants fallen pastors to be restored to their Savior.

Danny went through his own fall while serving in the Assembly of God church. His story is unique and follows the same path that other fallen pastor's stories take. Danny made many mistakes after his fall, but soon found that the only way to find peace was through repentance and restoration to Christ.

"My pain is now my power," he told me.  "My mess is now my message." Lord, I want to hear this man preach.

We had an hour long talk on the phone and it was very uplifting.  Danny gets many emails every month and counsels many men who are considering adultery and many pastors who have already fallen. He told me that a lot of fallen pastors aren't ready to hear what he has to say.

He's very direct with them. They need to hear what he has to say, however. Right off the bat, fallen pastors apparently aren't ready to repent. They have a need to justify, he told me. But he warns them of what is to come, but he also gives them hope. He tells them of his story and offers them counseling, love, and many resources. He encourages fallen pastors to get their sin out in the open.

"After I got restored, I wasn’t going to live under the shame of it anymore. Once [the sin is] in the light the enemy can’t use it against you anymore," he told me. I heard his wife give a hearty "Amen" in the background when he said this.

Danny's ministry is located in Austin, Texas. He doesn't consider himself to be the full circle resource for the fallen pastor, but just a link in a chain. Quoting 1 Corinthians 3, he said, "We’re only a step in the process but we’re a hope in the process. One plows, one plants, and one gives the increase."

After Danny's ministry talks to a fallen pastor, gives resources, teleconferences or helps in whatever way is necessary, they find a resource for that pastor in his area. "We give them resources and direction to find someone to help. To get someone to watch you just be in the room. To find acceptance to give you hope to be restored."

On his website, you will find information regarding reconciliation between a pastor and his spouse, ideas about false intimacy, true repentance, and some excellent resources.  I'm still not sure that Bro. Danny really isn't a closet Southern Baptist. 

Danny has built an excellent ministry and I am very glad he is out there. There are very few men like him who are actually helping fallen pastors. He has been doing this ministry for a little over two years and has helped about 25 ministers.

I thank God for my new friend and hope you will pray for him and his wife and ministry and the men he helps as well as the church he serves. If you know of any fallen pastors or hear of men who fall, please recommend Bro. Danny's ministry to them.


  1. Arthur,
    Thank you for "honoring" my husband. Just like David, even though there was a "fall", he is still a man after God's own heart. His process was a LONG one, but thank God for his grace and mercy! While there does need to be "discipline", etc.; what hurt me the most was the leadership over him. There was one in particular who Danny really loved and considered him to be his mentor. For me to watch him, it was almost like he would "try" to help Danny up, but at the same time he had his foot on Danny's neck holding him down. We had to finally realize that it didn't matter what he or we did to show this man our hearts, it would never be enough. I'm so thankful that our relationship with God does not require us to come to Him through a denomination but only through the Son.
    We are praying for you and your family. And thank you in return for explaining not only your situation but also all the emotions that you and your family have gone through. Don't let anyone ever tell you that you won't be in the ministry again, because you already are. Just by sharing your story, you are helping and ministering to others who might have gone through the similiar thing. You're helping to explain all the different feelings and emotions that you go through, but you are also exposing your heart of repentance and let me tell you Arthur, God not only sees and hears you, but He is pleased with you.
    Blessings to you and the family!
    Cheryl Williams

  2. Cheryl,

    It was my pleasure. It's a great thing to know that both of you have persevered through so much by God's grace. He has blessed you richly and in fact you are using your experience to minister to others.

    I also know from personal experience that behind every good man is an even better woman. Thank God for women like you and Cynthia!