"What can a ruined soul, like mine, effect towards the redemption of other souls?—or a polluted soul, towards their purification?"

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Day In The Life

I write a lot about the trials I've been through and the mistakes I've made. I write about the effects those things have had on my life and hope it has helped others.

I write under a pseudonym to protect those I've harmed, my kids and just because I don't need the publicity in this area, frankly. It's a sensitive thing when a pastor falls and I've written about a lot of sensitive issues pertaining to my fall. Thanks for understanding that.

For one post, I'm going to step outside of all that and let you know what I do in a typical day without divulging too much information. As if you cared, really. I'm just a normal guy trying to make it in this lovely world.

It'll be kind of a mundane post. Maybe.

Cynthia wakes up early because she works early. Sometimes I get up and see her off, sometimes she lets me sleep in. But she always wakes me with a sweet kiss before she leaves.

When I rouse from my slumber, I call Cynthia at work then get some caffeine and take my daily medicine. I check my email on my iPhone then I go straight to the Internet to check my blog. I also check some of my favorite sites, including the news and favorite sports sites.

I don't watch TV much. Only if there's an interesting sporting event on.

If there are dishes or housework I think I can tackle, I'll do that. Sometimes, I'll ponder my blog and a topic, or I'll make some work calls.

Then, it's off to work. I've referenced that I do work in the medical field. I do. It's hands on and I love it. It's a second shift position and I work with a lot of people. I work in the community, indoors, outdoors, and come in contact with all sorts of people.

While I'm busy at work, Cynthia gets off work and heads home. We text a lot during the day and I love that. We're always finding an excuse to talk.

When I'm at work, I love to write or read. Right now, I'm reading Greg Boyd's "Repenting of Religion." I highly recommend it.

When I get bored at work, I'll make random phone calls to friends and irritate them for no reason.

Sometimes during the day, my mind wanders to my sin, or I'll miss my mom, or I'll think of sermons I'd like to preach one day. But my mind is never far from Cynthia.

Some days, work is long, depending on my schedule or the workload, and some days it's really short.

On my way home is when I pray a lot. It's a long commute on country roads and I get a lot of quiet thinking done.

Cynthia is always waiting for me with a smile and welcome home kiss. I check the Internet for an hour or so to unwind while she puts her daughter down and we unwind together.

In the evening, I always get a call or Skype from my girls and we talk for a little, unless it's my weekend to have them (and that's a different story).

I always look forward to cuddling next to my beautiful wife at night. We talk a lot, or share our worries. But she's my best friend. She's the love of my life and all I want to focus on at the end of the day.

I wait until she goes to sleep then I'll get the coffee pot ready for her for when she wakes up the next day and a lot of the time I'll make her lunch.

I don't sleep real well. I'm a night owl and wish I slept better. I average about six hours a night and wish I could do it better. But that's life, I suppose.

It's a routine, I guess. And there are what seem to be a lot of meaningless details to most people.

But to me, they're all very meaningful, God-sent, and blessed moments.


  1. You sound pretty ordinary to me :) My husband and I are in a new season of life - both self employed and so we get to spend most of 24/7 together. He is my best friend too and we talk over everything together. For the years that he was on staff at a church or a lead pastor himself - I didn't like it to be honest. I was on a slow decline into unhappiness. We experienced almost no emotional connection. When we had our 'issue' 2 years ago and he left the church - was the worst and best day of my life. We've never been happier and I know it's because he gave that up for me. There's something about a man that will give up everything for the woman he loves. Never forget - I know I never will - and Cynthia never will either.

  2. I loved your description of a normal day. I know in your situation (because of my own) how difficult it is to find anything normal after a public fall. May God conitnue to bless you as you share your story, and may you continue to find joy in the little things. I don't always comment, but I am a faithful reader.

  3. Cindy,

    Life is ordinary. I'm not. And sounds like you all have a lovely relationship like Cynthia and I do.


    It is difficult, but we forge ahead. Thanks for reading.