"What can a ruined soul, like mine, effect towards the redemption of other souls?—or a polluted soul, towards their purification?"

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Out With The Old

I just finished archiving all my old posts.

That means they're not there anymore. Sorry about that.

My story as I originally wrote it doesn't exist on this blog anymore. However, stay tuned. I'm going to summarize it again soon in a much shorter way.

Things are changing rapidly for me in this world and God is giving me the opportunity to minister to a lot of people.

Hopefully, there will be some big announcements here soon, so stay tuned. Thanks to all of you who read this blog and pray for us continually. I know who you are and you are greatly appreciated.

To those fallen pastors out there who read and have reached out, I continually pray for you.

To those fallen pastors who read and haven't reached out, I'm here for you. I know it's hard and I know you think no one cares. I care. And I know it hurts. There's a large brotherhood of us out there. And I'm working on a way to connect all of us together.

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  1. That's great - praying for you too :)